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Print is Relevant, Credible, and placed directly in front of consumers deeply interested in their local community.



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  • Multiple Publications
  • B&W or Color
  • Small Business Packages


  • Zipcode Targeting
  • Competitive Rates
  • Multiple Markets

Custom Printing

  • Newspapers & Tabloids
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Magazines


  • Niche Publications
  • Subscriber Distribution
  • Community Distribution

Advertising in these products is effective at both creating brand preference and adding impact to local consumers. Local print display offers broad reach, targeted ad placement, quality readership demographics and fast turnaround. This flexibility is enhanced by the environment the medium creates: it is selective, not intrusive; maintains high credibility levels; and has a proven track record of generating results through the many people who rely on it everyday.


We produce more than 20 highly customized niche publications each year. They are all delivered to our engaged audience around our communities. Our Sales Representatives can assist you in finding the right publications to help you reach your target audience. 



Present your business in a professional manner with WePrints. Professionally designed and printed on high-gloss paper gives your business the professional edge over your competitors. Single sheet color flyers offer geographical zoning around your store. The use of inserts has increased tremendously on a national level – mainly because major chain stores have found they work. Our WePrint program delivers a low-cost, high-quality option for local businesses who want the same results. You can choose between our regular and Jumbo sized WePrints and from single sheet up to a 8-page print.



  • Community and Residents Guides
  • Calendars and Coupon Books
  • Entertainment Guides
  • Maps and Real Estate Guides
  • College, High School and Community Education Schedules
  • Brochures, Inserts, flyers and Post Cards
  • Chamber of Commerce Directories and Information Guides
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Newspapers and Tabloids

Digital Display

Standard Ad Package

Your product or service needs a visual component. Reach out to your prospective audience with meaningful ads on trusted websites like ours. Whether your audience is on a mobile device, tablet or desktop computer, your ad will be seen and measured.

Rich Media

Expand your creative presence with Rich Media. RM gives your basic online ad much more interactive punch by expanding display, playing video and using photo galleries. If your need is to collect info or have users sign up for prizes you can also include forms. RM even allows you to create games within your ad to increase engagement!

High-Impact Units

These ad units aren’t your typical banner. If your event or campaign needs to be noticed, increase your presence on the web with a high-impact unit. Sliding Billboards and Large Leaderboards are perfect ways to engage your audience in a short amount of time.

Pre-Roll Video

If we produce or you’ve already paid for the production of your business commercial, now you can spread your video message to an online audience. Utilize 15- or 30-second PreRoll Video to drive engagement in your brand. Duluth Media Group can build 15-second video ads with still images, too. No matter your level of experience with it, PreRoll is a great way to deliver a video branding message online!

Data Driven

Site Retargeting

97% of users visit a site without taking an action. Retargeting re-engages users who have already visited your website. Soon after a site visit, site retargeting delivers your ad message and keeps top-of-mind awareness of your business high in the mind of the user.

Search Retargeting

Every day people are searching for products or services in your industry. Will they find you before they find a competitor? Through Search Retargeting your message will be delivered to people who search your chosen keywords throughout the web. A great complement to SEM!

Contextual Retargeting

With content being read all over the web every day, what if you could target users who are reading about your products or services? Now you can with Contextual Retargeting. In conjunction with Site and Search Retargeting, Contextual works based on the actual text within a story an online user is reading. Deliver ads to draw them in immediately after they read about your products or services.

Demographic/Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting (BT) within demographic segments, (ie: Age, Gender, Affinity, Location, Education, etc) delivers your ad to your desired target audience. Targeting ads to people based on who they are and not what sites they visit eliminate waste, creating better results!

Content Marketing

Native Advertising

Producing an ad that seems to fit into the natural landscape of a webpage, widget, or app is Native Advertising. With Duluth Media Group you can place / sponsor proprietary content on our news websites. Your content will appear on our sites and be delivered to the audience of your choice. A great way to grow brand engagement with your desired target market!

Content Production

You have a story to tell, but need help producing content. Duluth Media Group offers content creative services. Whether you need a High Definition Video produced for tradeshow marketing or a text-only testimonial for your website our team of writers and video professionals can help!

Email Marketing

Even in 2020, email is a major component to every business’ marketing plan. Outside of your own manicured list, what are you doing to reach out to customers who don’t know your story? Our subscriber list is thoroughly vetted for accuracy and spam compliance. Target by age, location and gender to better target your audience.

Campaign Support

Media Planning

In the spirit of providing full service, much like an advertising agency, our Media Planning team works in tandem with your sales rep to develop a sound strategic media plan that will deliver results. They’re experts in our digital products as well as traditional print. Your target market audience will be matched with products and solutions that fit within your budget.

Ad Operations

Our Ad Operations team monitors each and every one of our digital campaigns with a high attention to detail. This team makes sure your digital campaign runs as promised as well as efficiently and effectively. They also help optimize campaigns, recommending adjustments when opportunities present themselves to improve the campaign.


We understand not all small businesses can afford a graphic designer on staff. Our experienced creative services are available for all advertisers. Whether print, digital, inserts, email or other advertising products, professional creative can be built in-house saving you time and money!


We are more than just your local newspaper when it comes to digital marketing. We offer a full service suite of digital marketing solutions that can help you reach your target market wherever they are on the internet. From Start to Finish Duluth Media Group will deliver a campaign that drives results.

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